Final thoughts…

I am through and through a life long learner. I think this is why I am drawn to Educational Technology. It is ever evolving with no end to the knowledge you can attain to create better learning experiences for teachers and students.

As a supervisor of Educational Technology, I sometimes struggle with the influx of new tools constantly being developed. Do not get me wrong. I am always one of the first to try them out! I see a great benefit to them, but the tool can’t be the focus. When planning PDs and sessions for educators, I am constantly reminding myself to focus on the learning outcome. What problem are teachers solving by taking my information I provide them, and bringing their knowledge to the classroom?

I think technology has so much power when integrated effectively. It can bring out the voices of the student who may be too afraid to raise his/ her, but has the ability to create a exceptional video presentation to showcase their knowledge or passion. With the help of Zoom and Skype, it can forge connections with learners across the globe and eliminate the four walls students were confined to in the past. It can actually take students to places they have never been before with the development of Virtual Reality. This class has furthered my passion for edtech and I know I have found my home in this field.

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