Steal for Your Students: #StealEdu and Idea Bandits

Never steal, but if you must steal, steal an amazing lesson for your students!

Yesterday, while browsing Twitter, I saw that Alice Keeler started using #StealEdu. It was her call to teachers to share their work which would then be used and passed along to even more connected educators. It reminds me of a recent poster created by Sean Junkins advising teachers to be “Idea Bandits”.

sean-posters-027It is a very simple concept that can make a huge impact. We have a vast network of resources at our fingertips with Twitter and various social media platforms. We shouldn’t be afraid to “steal”, collaborate and remix ideas that we see online to meet our learner’s needs and create powerful learning experiences.

Teachers also shouldn’t feel like they need to hoard their ideas and isolate themselves and their students. We are in this profession to make an impact and change our learners’ lives. By sharing your ideas on social media, you can have an exponential impact. Think of how many students could experience something new because you were willing to share a quick post or example lesson on twitter. It is one of the highest compliments you can receive, as as teacher, if other teachers integrate your lesson ideas into their classrooms!

So go forth and share and steal as much you can (on Twitter)!

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